Fast Pace. Strong Partners.

with our partners RubisCO2 will become a reality


Climaccelerator introduces us to the carbon markets and helps us create the best possible solution to the problems that are our opportunities.


UnternehmerTUM supports us with valuable mentors and guidance in shaping our value proposition and strategic approach. 

Municipality of Solidaridad

The ZOFEMAT of the municipality of Solidaridad is committed to create a positive impact with the sargassum they collect.

They support our project by providing valuable information and connecting the necessary logistics.

TUM Venture Labs

The TUM Venture Labs are a joint initiative of the Technical University of Munich and UnternehmerTUM to foster innovative and scalable entrepreneurships.

The Venture Labs Sustainability, FAB and ChemSpace play an important role in accelerating our venture.

Lammoglia Abogados

Our alliance with Lammoglia Abogados helps us build the legal frameworks within which we can thrive. They also bring extensive knowledge of the voluntary carbon market and have important contacts in the ecosystem.


Makerspace provides us with the necessary spaces, courses  and tools to build high tech innovative solutions